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Imelda B. Joson

Imelda B. Joson

  • Imelda Joson and her husband Edwin L. Aguirre were the 1st Filipinos to have an asteroid named after them. Asteroid 6282 was named asteroid Edwelda by the International Astronomical Union (IAU, 1995)
  • Imelda Joson and Edwin Aguirre were the 1st Filipina and 1st Filipino authors of an astronomy book, the 335-page reference book on Halley’s Comet published by the National Research Council of the Philippines (1985)

"In the study of astronomy, man realizes his insignificance and learns humility … In humility, he finds wisdom, and from wisdom he learns survival."


Imelda B. Joson - Outreach Leader, Author
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  • ...that Astronomer Armando Lee was the first Filipino Master of Science (MS) degree holder in Astronomy in the Philippines?
  • ...that race driver Marlon Stockinger was the first Filipino-Swiss race winner in the Michelin Formula Renault UK Championship?
  • ...that Joy Rojas was the first Filipina to run across 3,107 miles across the United States?
  • ...that boxing champion Manny Pacquiao was the first Filipino sports billionaire?
  • ...that José Rizal was given the label 'First Filipino' by Leon Ma. Guerrero, the first Filipino Ambassador to Germany?