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Pia Cayetano

Pia Cayetano
AKA Pilar Juliana S. Cayetano

  • 1st Filipina and first Asian president of the Committee of Women Parliamentarians of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU 2008)
  • 1st Filipina vice-president of the Committee of Women Parliamentarians of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU (2006)
  • Founder of Gabriel Symphony Foundation
  • Founder of the Compañero Rene Cayetano Foundation
  • Youngest elected female senator in the history of the Republic of the Philippines (2004)

"The opportunity to make a serious difference is so real. Working with these women in high political positions all over the world who are equally passionate about breastfeeding, addressing maternal, infant and child mortality, and violence against women and children, can truly bring us closer to solutions."

"Compañera Pia"

March 22, 1966

Michigan, USA

FATHER: Sen. Renato "Compañero" Cayetano
MOTHER: Sandra Schramm

HUSBAND: Ariben Sebastian


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